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The integration platform for tomorrow's web development

DDEV is an API-first platform featuring easy-to-use local and cloud tools that seamlessly integrate with other local and cloud-based services to construct your unique development, testing, and production hosting workflow.

We build DDEV-Local for local development, and DDEV-Live to host your production site.

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Working with DDEV means a hyper flexible and inclusive web development lifecycle, allowing you and your team to succeed at what you do best: crafting creative, compelling online experiences. 

As a flexible set of tools to support an end-to-end development workflow, DDEV is suitable for the individual who wants the power of the contemporary cloud without the fuss, for the small shop that needs to customize integrations with Git providers and testing suites, and for large agency and enterprise teams who need the stability and scalability of world-class infrastructure. 

We believe in the power of open source to do the most good for the greatest number of people in communities worldwide, together.


Want to use Docker for local development but don’t want to manage the complexities of bespoke configuration?

DDEV-Local is an open source tool that can run all your projects at once with custom configurations. Have a web project running on your local machine in minutes, configure and extend the environment to your needs, and share it with anyone.


Deploy a web project via your Git repository to our managed hosting service to benefit from all the speed, scalability and security of contemporary web infrastructure.

Use DDEV-Live to connect with existing CI/CD tools, use it as your testing/staging platform, use it for production hosting, and manage it all from CLI or your personal dashboard.

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